VP Brand Connection and Digital @ DANONE

Senior Executive with 20+ years of experience across General Management & Operations in FMCG, Retail, E-commerce and Industry in Western and Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia. Consistently delivering strong business results in both growth and turn-around environments propelled by his ability to identify key levers of performance, define ambitious strategies based on few focused initiatives and empower & coach teams.

Being half-French, half-German, Jean-Yves is global in his outlook, and possesses a deep curiosity and interest in culture people and businesses.

Having worked in emerging and developed markets, he is comfortable in complex and uncertain environments and extremely resilient in delivering results. Years in operations at the start of his career have honed his acumen in efficiency and cost management, which he uses to unleash the full potential of organisations.

As a leader of large organization (>1000 people) he is convinced that attitudes and mindset are strong drivers of performance. He endeavours to give his teams the clarity and self-confidence they need to perform. Consequently, he has been recognized for his people-development skills and high performing team-building capabilities. He regularly mentors and speaks at leadership development programs.

His belief is in societal responsibility of businesses, and he acts to ensure that the business grows while benefiting the community.